What is Kettle and Kitchen?

Although the internet can be a great resource for shopping, most product descriptions lack experiential information necessary to make informed buying decisions.

I started this blog because I want to create a place where average cooks (like me) can come to find the best kitchen tools and products for their needs – whether it is price, durability or functionality.

This website was created to:

  • Help you find the right kitchenware based on your needs
  • Publish well-researched  how-to guides 
  • Produce well-researched product buying guides
  • Keep you informed about matters related to environmental stewardship
  • Explore new labor-saving technologies for kitchen use
  • Share recipes and cooking techniques
  • Help you and me become better cooks smile

How I Create Content

Most of the content for kettleandkitchen.com is planned and edited by me. Content ideas come from my cooking experiences, challenges, and feedback from people who visit the website. I write many of the articles and blog posts but will serve as Editor when I use freelance writers who are experienced in the culinary arts.

My goal is to ensure that all the information published here is trustworthy. 

When possible, I try to base my evaluations on the products I have used myself. Since this is not always possible, I rely on well-researched customer reviews. I also take the time to visit local stores that have products listed in my roundup reviews on display. 

My ultimate goal is to provide honest evaluations based on solid research.

Kettle & Kitchen is about everyday cooks who relish time at home with friends, family and the food that brings them together. You’re invited to join me on the journey. Contact me if you have questions about the blog or suggestions on how to make it better.

Thanks for visiting!

Kettle & Kitchen Founder and Editor

About Kettle & Kitchen

Hi. I'm Brenda Joyce, the person behind Kettle and Kitchen. My dream is to become a better cook and help you to become one too. Join me on the journey.